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Posted by CocksuckingCrocodile - September 7th, 2009

Yeah this has nothing to do with Batman, too bad. Had your hopes up didn't I?
AH-hahahaahahahaha, like I said too bad.
SPOILER ALERT, Joker becomes Hulk Joker at the end and is a shitty boss.

Batman Atakam Asylum

Posted by CocksuckingCrocodile - March 7th, 2009

So, just got home from seeing Watchmen. For the most part it followed the comic through and through. Like most of you probably herd, the ending was changed. I didn't like it, but hey what can I do? Before the movie started they had stupid trivia about the comic, here are some, "What is the Original NiteOwl's real name?" My friend answer Hollis Manson. But, no acording to the lady it was Hollis Manger, or something like that. And then she asked the birth of The Comedian (Ed Blake) I raised my hand up first and said, "1918!" with pride. But yet again, I was crushed to her the answer was 1924. (Facepalm)
Then we did movie quotes, one was " May the force be with you." Then someone said, "Star Wars Ep 4: New Hope" She was like WRONG, and then after ten minutes of nonsence, I told her that I saw the movie when it first came out and that I have saw it 18 when it came out and that I made the first Delorean.
Anyways, the movie was good, I recommend seeing it, but in July they are coming out with the extended version of it.

Posted by CocksuckingCrocodile - August 13th, 2008

I just got Ninja Gaiden II and it is just as hard as the last one. I herd rumors on how it was going to be easier but, those thoughts were killed after I played the second levels Boss. He was hard as fuck, it took me six tries. And now I am on the third level, the boss is a giant dick with this weird eye. I have to shoot arrows at the tip of the dick head. It's really amusing, and I faced him once. But then my power went out. So, I haven't played for about three hours. The game is good so far, and very frustrating. When I started the game I picked the hardest difficulty. I suggest if you plan on buying this Action-Packed Game. Start on the Ninja Acolyte difficulty.